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Agricultural products

PP-woven, cotton and paper bags

PP-woven, cotton and paper bags


Woven from polypropylene fibres, these bags are very durable despite their very low weight and at the same time highly breathable. We always keep several million PP bags in numerous standard sizes in stock and can deliver very high volumes in no time at all. We can offer special sizes and printing in our own press with up to three colours at any time.


Product weight
  • 25 KG
  • 50 KG
  • 75 KG
  • 100 KG
  • thermal welding seam
  • Top tie
  • open
  • ventilated bag
  • with polyethylene inner bag
  • high water protection bag (with tie)
  • in up to three colours

Cotton bags

The packaging classic—robust, breathable and easy to handle—the ideal packaging for food. Cotton bags can be fitted with inner bags made of polypropylene fibres for greater strength. The finely-woven cotton structure enables customised printing in multiple colours. PEMA offers instant delivery of cotton bags in standard sizes directly from stock.


  • robust
  • breathable
  • Natural product
  • ideal for food
  • printable in multiple colours
  • up to 12 colours

Paper bags

Paper bags can be used for almost anything. Paper bags have proven their worth in many areas, including the construction materials industry, food and animal feed producers, and in the packaging of chemical products. There are more uses of this packaging than one might think.

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