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PEMA Verpackung BIG BAGS are the ideal packaging
solution for all bulk goods in the food and non-food sector and for the transportation of hazardous goods.
Made from 100% polypropylene, they can be fully recycled. That saves money and protects the environment.


In addition to our production facilities in Germany, for over 15 years we have also benefitted from long-term overseas business partnerships. These include well-known companies in India, high-tech production companies in China specialising in all areas of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and a production site in Serbia offering a maximum 4 week delivery time.


Our BIG BAGS vary in the following aspects:

  • fabric type and width
  • top, bottom and container shape
  • length of lifting loops
  • disposable or reusable packaging
  • various linings such as normal LDPE, barrier film or aluminium compund film, formstable, conductive, pre-formed and sewned into side seams


The extensive controls from Pema Verpackung ensure a high degree of safety.

All our disposable BIG BAGS are tested to carry 5 times the latest maximum full weight in an established safety test. Our reusable BIG BAGS can even handle 6 to 8 times the maximum weight.

There is an ideal BIG BAG solution for every use.

Choose the most suitable solution from our standard BIG BAGS range or request advice from our employees to find the most suitable packaging solution for your needs.


Technical datasheet - BIG BAGS


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